Stunt Kites :   Tips and Tricks

 Stunt Kite Tips and Tricks will help you to learn more about stunt kites,
 fly safer, decide on a place to fly, choose the right kite line,
sleeve your kite lines, get more flight time,
fine tune your kite to perform,
and much more...

What's So Great About Kites?
Find out why you might want to rediscover kite flying.
Your Kite's Bridle
The most important setting on the kite. Learn how to fine tune your kite's flying characteristics.
Attaching Fly Line To The Straps  The easy way to connect your kite line to handles or straps using the larks head method. Flying Dual Line Foils
Dual line foils are so different, yet so similar in many ways. Find out the scoop on foil kites here.
What Is A Stunt Kite
A description of the standard stunt kite for people who have never flown one before.
More On Bridle Adjustment
More tips instructions and  on your kite's bridle adjustment.
Attaching The Line To Your Kite Learn how to attach your kite line to your kite's tow point using the larks head method. Single Line Kites - Flight Tips
Single Line Kites: Launch and Flight

Kite Festivals
Choosing A Good Place To Fly Your flying location can make all the difference. Here you'll learn how to choose a place to fly your stunt kite. Basic Kite Safety
A few thoughts on kite safety that you may not have even thought of before.
Launching Your Stunt Kite Learn how to launch your stunt kite the easy way. A beginners guide to launching. Winter Kite Flying
Don't let winter get you down when you could be flying on a crisp sunny day on a nice snow covered field..
Basic Parts Of A Stunt Kite
An introduction to help you familiarize yourself with the names and parts of a stunt kite.
Kite Line Basics
Kite line is as important as the kite in many cases. Learn how to choose the best line for your kite.
Your First Few Minutes  of flight will have you hooked for life. Learn what to do with your kite once it takes flight. Quick Kite Repair Tips
Kiting tips learned at the school of hard knocks and plenty of trips to the fields.
Wind Speed
It's all about wind speed. Your stunt kite is going nowhere without it. Learn how to judge what the wind speed in your location is.
How To Sleeve Your Kite Line
Sleeving is critical for some types of line. Here you will visually learn how easy it is to sleeve your kite line.
Landing Your Kite
Landing your kite at the end of your flight is easy with these simple steps.
Was That Spar 7/32   .2187" or..
A simple metric conversion chart to help you make sense of all the different sizes used in kite construction.
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